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  1. EAN or UPC barcodes
  2. INSTANT DELIVERY by email
  3. One-off cost (no annual fees)
  4. Certificate of authenticity
  5. Free barcode registration
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Instant Delivery of Barcode Numbers

Your barcodes (EAN or UPC) will be emailed to you straight away after you order them on our website. We supply barcode numbers that come from the original GS1 barcode system, therefore they can be used in the UK and internationally in the vast majority of stores.

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Our Clients in the UK

We have thousands of happy clients using our barcodes on a wide variety of products in the UK and worldwide. See some of the customers and products in the UK that are using our barcodes (or read some of our customer testimonials here and here). Our barcodes are being used on many different products including food, drinks, clothing, and giftware.

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Buy Barcodes

Easily purchase barcodes. Just follow this link, fill in the quantity needed and click the buy now button (you can review this at the checkout also)

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Barcode Registration

We offer a unique barcode registration service, for registering your barcode number and product information on the main internet databases (8 databases at last count). This both discourages illegal use of your barcode and helps increase the internet profile for your product, ensuring that your product information appears easily when your barcode is scanned by a suitable cell phone app barcode scanner.

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The International Barcodes Network

We are founding members of The International Barcodes Network. Members of this network have sold barcodes to over 40,000 customers in over 120 countries. They have immense barcode expertise internationally, and over 10 years experience in the barcode industry. Barcodes from members of this network are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other alternative barcode supplier.

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About BuyBarcodesUK

Buy Barcodes UK intends to help small businesses grow by providing affordable, high-quality barcodes and barcode services for a one-off cost. This means that small retailers have fewer barriers to entry into the retail market.

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