Barcode Verification Reports

Some large retailers (including supermarkets) require you to get a verification report for each barcode on your products. In general, the purpose of a verification report is to assure retailers that your barcode images are of good quality and will work properly and consistently when scanned in their retail stores.

A verification report is a report generated by a “Barcode Verifier” machine. A barcode verifier is a large specialized machine that scans your barcode image (as printed on your final product packaging). The machine then analyses whether or not your barcode image is likely to be decoded easily and consistently when scanned in a variety of different environments. Your barcode will either receive a “pass” mark (A, B, C, and D) or a “fail” mark on the verification report. A “pass” mark indicates that your barcode image is of an adequate standard and quality to be decoded easily and consistently when scanned by a barcode scanner in a variety of different environments.

Some retail chains require each product in their stores to have a barcode verification report (usually, this report is required before the retail chains will agree to stock your product). The purpose of a barcode verification report is to give retailers assurance that your barcodes will scan properly in their retail stores – this will help to avoid delays created when poor quality barcodes don’t scan easily or consistently at the till. A list of the retailers that may require barcode verification is found here.
We can supply verification reports if you require them (you can order these below). The verification reports we offer are completed to the international verification standard. If you order a barcode verification report from us, please post a physical copy of the barcode that requires verification (as printed on its product packaging or label). We require a copy of your barcode as printed on its actual packaging to comply with the verification requirements. It takes 2 or 3 working days to generate your verification report (after receiving your barcode on its packaging/label). Our postal address can be found here.

  • Verification Report

    Verification report for your completed artwork. This should be printed and sent to us so that we can do the verification report for the barcode as it will be finally printed (or as close as possible).

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Please note that approximately 20 per cent of the barcode verification reports we do fail. Usually, the reasons for failure are easily preventable. Therefore, if you order barcode verification from us, please make sure that your barcode complies with the Standard Barcode Dimensions (in particular, it is necessary to ensure that you have adequately large quiet zones on the left and right sides your barcode image). Check your barcode thoroughly before posting it to us (using a magnifying glass to observe whether any of the bar edges are a bit fuzzy). You could also test your barcode yourself with a handheld barcode scanner (before sending your barcode to us) to scan consistently and easily with the handheld scanner.

Here you can read more about barcode verification and barcode dimension standards.