Online Barcode Ordering Information

“How do I get a barcode for my product?”

We can provide the following options for ordering barcodes:

1) Order directly from our website for payment by credit card or PayPal;
2) Order over the phone to pay by credit card; or
3) Send us an email for payment by bank deposit (we will send you an invoice & our HSBC account details).

The fastest way to get a barcode is via our website – buy a barcode online.

If you order a barcode online, we will send the barcode to you by email. You will receive:

– an EAN-13 retail barcode number;
– a certificate of authenticity
– the barcode images (in 4 formats: pdf, jpeg, png & SVG)

Our barcodes are suitable for use on any retail product in the UK, Europe, and worldwide. We have happy customers using our barcodes without problems in 95+ countries.

Once you receive your barcode, you need to print it onto your product and give your product to the retailers, who will enter the product details and barcode number into their system. After this, whenever the barcode is scanned at the checkout, it will find the right product details.


“I have a barcode number already. I only need the barcode images.”

If you already have a barcode number (e.g. for book ISBN) and only need the barcode images, that’s fine – you can order the barcode images for your EAN (or UPC) number from our Retail Barcode Images page if you need a different type of barcode image (e.g. QR code, or ISBN, or ISSN images), please visit our Other Images page.


“Do I need anything else?”

1. Barcode Labels: We can supply sticky barcode labels for your barcode number if you need them. Buy Barcode Labels UK

2. Verification: Barcode verification is a test scan of your as-printed barcode to show that it has been printed well and can be decoded easily by barcode scanners.

3. Registration: We offer an optional barcode registration service – it is not essential (your barcode will work without it). However, registration will increase the visibility of your product on the internet.

4. ITF-14 Carton Codes: Some retailers require you to put an ITF-14 Carton Code barcode on the outer carton of your product.

5. Guarantee Certificate: This is provided free when you purchase a Barcode Package from us.

6. ISSN or ISBN images: If you have a book or magazine, you will probably need to get an ISBN or ISSN number for it. After you have your ISBN or ISSN  number, we can provide the barcode images for that number.

7. QR Code: QR barcodes are 2D barcodes that are really useful for promoting websites, products and companies. When scanned by a smartphone, a QR Code will link to a particular website or webpage or provide information encoded in the QR code.


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