standard size EAN-13EAN13 Barcode Image Specifications

Below is an outline of the specifications you need to follow when printing your barcode image onto your product. Pay particular attention to these specifications if you are looking at getting barcode verification. If your barcode does not adhere to these sizing specifications it may fail a verification report (if your retailer requires this), and it may not be decoded easily or consistently when scanned by a barcode scanner in a retail environment.

EAN-13 Dimensions with 100% Magnification:

Barcode width = 31.35mm

Left quiet zone (left blank margin) = 3.63mm

Right quiet zone (right blank margin) = 2.31mm

Total barcode width (including quiet zones) = 37.29mm

Barcode height (excluding the number) = 22.85mm

Barcode height (including the number) = 25.93mm

Allowable Magnification Range:

The specified magnification range for an EAN-13 Bar Code Symbol being scanned at retail point of sale is 80% – 200% (X-dimension 0.26mm-0.66mm). An acceptable minimum magnification of 75% (X-dimension 0.25mm) is applicable only to on demand (e.g. thermal) print processes. In this case, the bar height should never be truncated below the minimum needed height for an 80% magnification barcode symbol.

Where an item may also be scanned in a General Distribution Scanning environment (automated scanning), the acceptable magnification range for a General Distribution Environment is 150% to 200% (X-dimension 0.50mm – 0.66mm).


Human Readable Interpretation

The “Human Readable Interpretation” is printed under the barcode symbol.

The recommended typeface for the Human Readable Interpretation is OCR-B at a height of 2.75mm at nominal size (100% magnification, X-dimension 0.33mm). This typeface is a recommendation only – alternative type fonts and character sizes are acceptable as long as the digits are clearly legible.

Dimensions (All measurements are in mm)

MagnificationX-dimensionWidthBar heightLeft Quiet ZoneRight Quiet Zone






















Bar Width = width of bar code symbol (excluding Quiet Zones)

Bar Height = height of bars (excluding guard bar patterns)

Quiet Zone = Area of blank space (preferably white) on either side of the bars

It is advisable to have more quiet zone space than is strictly required to allow for possible ink spread and printing issues


If you don’t understand any of the terms above (and they are not part of our glossary), please contact us.

If you require a barcode verification report, you can order one here.


Standard Size EAN-13 Barcode (100% Magnification)

The standard size for an EAN-13 barcode image is approximately 38mm wide x 25mm high ( (the precise dimensions are listed in the chart above – see 1.00 magnification). You may want to download the example images below. When you order a “Barcode Package” from us you will receive barcode images in this size in 4 different formats (Bitmap, EPS, Tiff, Jpeg and PDF). If you want a different size, please request this when ordering.

Standard Size EAN-13 Barcode Image (JPEG)

Standard Size EAN-13 Barcode Image (BMP)


Smallest Recommended Size for EAN-13 Barcode (80% Magnification) 

The smallest officially recommended size for an EAN-13 barcode image is approximately 30mm wide x 20mm high (the precise dimensions are listed in the chart above – see 0.80 magnification). In practice, some businesses make their barcodes shorter than this (e.g. 12mm or 15mm high) if their product label/packaging is small (this is common on cosmetics products). However it is very important that the width of the barcode remains at least 30mm wide, otherwise it will not scan properly. You may want to download the example images below.

80% Size EAN-13 Barcode Image (JPEG)

80% Size EAN1-3 Barcode Image (BMP)